Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Mrs Potsblog and her sister Emily (and Penny) spent two days making 12 dozen spitzkuchen, little chocolate cakes covered with jam and chocolate. We ended with extra chocolate and dipped all kinds of foods in it.


Kate & Jim said...

Who's going to eat 12 dozen spitzkuchen?

Have a wonderful day.

gr said...

actually, there are more than 150--you have a wonderful day too!

ML said...

Penny looks like she's nailed to the floor right under foot, and where the greatest likelihood of good things falling is bound to be. Nobody's dummy, that Penny. And those human edibles look awfully -- well, edible. As in yumm, and would you please pass some my way? Chocolate? Ain't nothing don't get improved by chocolate.
Hope your day is five star all the way!

gr said...

oh, thanks for visiing Mary Lee!