Tuesday, December 18, 2007

piggy dreams!

(pots by Gary Rith) I was thinking it funny, large piggy bank bodies by these mini pig bodies. A rather smart lady in Ohio ordered a bunch of mini piggies, presumably for her friends and relatives. I just got an order for a piggy bank to go to Oregon. What are the odds it makes it in 6 days???? I bet five bucks it makes it by the 24th (convenient having Monday as Christmas eve: the PO is open).
Dreamt last night in great detail that I was a painter, working on a mural in a house of a piggy and cat. The instructions were so detailed, and I knew them--I knew how to paint, that if I can remember it all and try it out, can I do it? Perhaps I shall try.


denis said...

you can do it. you can do anything.

Greg said...

now THAT would be cool.. remembering your dream details so much that you can remember what it felt like and what you needed to do to have the skill to paint... hmmm new form of RNA learning here we come!?

Bold New Frontier
- it shall henceforth be know as "_________________ "

1/ Pulling a Gary


gr said...

pulling a Gary!

and when we say 'pulling a Greg' it means:

or pulling a Gord it means:

or pulling a Denis, or CM, or OGP, or Lou, or pulling a....(your name here)

Gordo The Geek said...

Be careful, Potterman. This is supposed to be a family blog.

Susan as herself said...

Someone told me once that if you dream about yourself doing something, you are meant to do it.

I am just saying.

Lou said...

needless to say Gordo, the same thought came into my head.

I think pulling a Lou shall be 'to overanalyse'. Pulling a Gordo (snigger) shall be 'to google very quickly', or 'to hone in on innuendo in a sentence like a crazed vulture in a field of carrion'. Euw.