Monday, December 10, 2007

dog is my copilot

The old 'over the shoulder camera shot'. In case there is any doubt about who writes this blog. Penny likes Lou's blog in particular, what with all the cat photos.

I dreamt extensively of Gordo last night, and what a waste of time. Couldn't I dream of beaches and beach volleyball? For awhile there, in the dream, it seemed that Gord had stolen my passport and keys and ditched me in some remote location, but he came back and made up for it.

OK--making today: I have a number of ornaments to glaze, and Denis' flowerpots to throw, and a load of piggy banks to make in case there is a last minute rush, and some basset hound pots for a customer in Las Vegas.


Kate & Jim said...

You do have odd dreams, Gary. ;)

denis said...

no one can out dream potterman! he should be scientifically studied.

you're making my flowerpots today! today is going to be a very good day afterall.

gr said...

I was wondering if I lost my keys and passport and was ditched in some remote Canadian dream location, would I have been stuck in Canadian limbo the rest of my life?

Anonymous said...

yes, lou, absolutely wonderful kitty pictures!

penny clearly has great taste.


gr said...

I wonder if Irish kittens have a cute Irish purr?

ML said...

No, not a trace of accent in their purr, Gary, only when they say "Meowr", where there tends to be a bit of trill on the 'r'.
And, at least you're pretty good about spreading your dreams out amongst your friends. I seem to remember your saying I'd had a turn there, too. I enjoyed it, I think.
Funny how comfortable Penny looks, while you look a whole lot less than!

Gordo The Geek said...

Would I do that? BWAHAHAAHAHA!

What a great idea ... LOL

gr said...

What can you do when somebody wants to sit on your lap? And yes, Mary Lee, I have dreamt something with you and also something with Lou and Benny before.