Friday, December 21, 2007


(Mug progression, by Gary Rith: how I got here from there, roughly)

Squared off mugs looking good! These glazes work well with a highly textured piece.

DRAT because around 1200 degrees, midway through a glaze firing the kiln blew a fuse. DRAT. Fortunately ALL of my orders were already fired and on the road.
Yesterday Penny ate some road salt (trucks lay it down during snow and ice storms and it came int the house stuckto our boots) and boy was she ill. Vomited 5 times, shivers and shakes. I gave her milk and cooking oil and that made her feel instantly better, until she ate some more! With beagles, you realize they will get into anything....
My parents' springer spaniel is visiting, and although larger than Penny, Penny has established dominance and remains the sole ruler of the living room. And the rest of the house.


Kate & Jim said...

I like the colors on the mug on the right, Gary. Very nice.

That's awful about Penny! Don't think I would have known what to give her though. That's good to know about the milk and oil.

Gordo The Geek said...

I really like those mugs, Gary. Excellent.

I think I mentioned that our first dog was 1/2 beagle. Yes, they will eat anything. She had a particular thing for coffee grounds. Ugh.

Hope Penny's feeling better.

Greg said...

Penny got sick again!? ugh. Good thing it wasn't something outdoors rotting away - had a dog once thaty loved anything "well decomposed" ..yikes!

So teach us oh gari-wan what happens if you try and refire half fired glazes? is it possible? does it turn into something unique and worth ton's o money? will it fight the dark side?

ML said...

Awww, poor Penny. When I was maybe around 6 I took a dare and swallowed a whole teaspoonful of salt. NOT recommended! So why would anyone, or any dog, repeat it?
The new squarish mugs are great! And, yeah, what does happen when you have a blown fuse mid-firing? Sounds like a rather major disaster to me. ???

Kate & Jim said...

Where is everybody?

Anonymous said...

I imagine that everyone is doing Christmas... shopping, or drinking, or watching TV. Some of us are listening to carol singing and sipping good French wine.

Happy Christmas, everyone!

John B. aka OGP

gr said...

Yes, half fired pots can be fired the rest of the way another time--I was out pushing pots, myself, so thanks for the visits!