Sunday, December 23, 2007

s'more mugs!

(mugs by Gary Rith)
Plenty of experiments this winter. Squared, scratched, bashed shapes.
Tis the day before my 15th wedding anniversary. My parents' dog gets picked up to go home later, Mrs Potsblog's sister is here. Big day!


ML said...

Oh, my word, Gary! These latest are gorgeous! Is there no end to what you'll come up with? And I find it utterly impossible to pick only one, although I believe I might have a slight lean toward the one on the right. Perfect for double duty as a drinking utensil OR as a holder for a handful of spring blossoms!

gr said...


Tracy said...

Love the middle one Gary, it's very landscape-ish:)

ML said...

What makes the world go around, yes?