Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm in the paper! TWO different newspapers in one week!

HOT DIGGITY DOG! I'm in an article in the Ithaca Times!!!! You can readthe whole article if you click the link, but I highlighted my spot below. I didn't know anything about this!

The Surrealist Five-and-Dime
By: Warren Greenwood

"You've got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.-Ray BradburyThe biggest problem I have writing about Spirit and Kitsch is the oppressive feeling that anything I write will be inadequate. It is a wunderkabinett of marvels.It's also such an uber-Ithaca place. While visiting Spirit and Kitsch, I met a patron, Ray Melvin, a musician, who referred to Spirit and Kitsch as "one of those things that makes Ithaca, Ithaca."Spirit and Kitsch is located in a former industrial space turned gallery out on Elmira Rd. Out front, a cartoon banner reads, "We Are Filling an Artistic Vacuum on Elmira Road." (A sly reference to the fact that it used to be a vacuum cleaner shop.)There's also a life-size antelope creature fashioned out of tree limbs (one of artist Frank Leahy's "Twig Sculptures"), a giant cartoon cat-creature composed out of firewood and a buzz saw, and a pyramid with a blue cartoon Cyclops pointing the way in with a big blue Picasso cartoon hand.Inside, there's a big, whitewashed garage-turned-art gallery. Among the permanent collection, the stuff I like the most includes: Carl Whittaker's landscapes (realist but somehow refracted through a fantasy sensibility), and Carl's little fantasy creatures, sculpted from vivid swirling multicolored clay, including a full chess set of the creatures (sitting on one of Frank Leahy's Lord of the Rings twig-sculpted tables).Then there are Susan Fox Miller's photographs: underwater nudes like aquatic Pre-Raphaelite paintings, great fields of alien morning glories, and lovers in a giant flower.There are Ben Marlan's marvelous minimalist cartoon landscapes pf quiet internal worlds: two are so tiny that they are painted on a pair of earrings. Gary Edward Rith's pottery and cups are decorated with cartoon bunnies, cats, pigs, dogs, climbing monkeys and striped zebras, and alarming skull-faced snowmen. (And this is the barest tip of the Art Iceberg - all the artists I haven't mentioned will have to forgive me for slighting them.)"

and so on.....


ML said...

Sounds good to me. Also it sounds like where you live is a very active place to be for those who are creative and making a living from their talents. I'm jealous!

gr said...

Oh yes, it is ML

Gordo The Geek said...

Excellent, Potterman!

Greg said...

Very very cool gary! well done