Wednesday, December 26, 2007

little cup and saucer

(cup and saucer by Gary Rith)
Notice all the lovely drippy blue glaze!

Good morning amigos.


Kate & Jim said...

Morning, Gary.

Hope you and Maude have a great day. Off to work here, in a couple of hours.

Cute tea cup.

ML said...

Really nice, Gary! Love that swirling petals look and the glaze is gorgeous.

gr said...


Susan as herself said...

That is indeed a cute cup.

I believe it might need some cocoa and mini marshmallows!

Anonymous said...


I'm a new Freeville area blogger getting a look at what is out there! Great blog and great work..

gr said...

Holly, give us blog link!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link:

Its pretty boring, but fun to do.


denis said...

the colors are exactly like my mother's flower pots which my mother and the rest of the family loves.