Sunday, December 09, 2007

2000 posts this week, yippee!

(Flying pig by Alice Muhlback.)
My friend Alice doodled this for me. I think she should make full-size paintings!
OK, so we are nearing post 2000. Will reach it sometime this week. There are some small changes in the format, such as 30 days worth of posts up each time, the gallery shrank, other changes later on. Potsblog is fun, and the number of visitors has doubled in recent weeks and (remember: this is my livlihood) the number of items sold thanks to the blog has gone way past 200 in the last year.
So, readers, thanks for visiting. I often wonder if I will run out of pottery ideas or ideas for blog posts, but I seem to have plenty of material every day, and it is all so much fun, and YOU are all so much fun. Stay tuned.


Greg said...

Good Morning! Very cool - 2000 posts soon and keep up the great work and friendship! Hey thanks to you & gordo I've just past my 1 year mark blogging

ML said...

If the rest of the world knew what fun goes on here, you'd swamp the internet! Something for everyone, and, frequently, even something you didn't know you liked! So it doesn't surprise me one bit that your readership keeps growing. Long may you prosper, Gary! And lots of tlc for those elders among the pets, with an extra pat from me, please.

gr said...

oh, thanks guys

CM said...

ml's right, although we do want to maintain the exclusivity to some extent.

Lou said...

I have a post idea Gary - follow me and Gordos suit and tell us your favourite quickie tasty recipe, pwetty pwease!