Friday, December 07, 2007

Denis: I pity the fool who asks for plain pottery

(carton o' ornaments by Gary Rith, before they are strung--need to make more)
Had a call from potsblog friend Denis last night. Denis has been my friend for nearly 25 years, and you would think he knows me by now. Denis wanted flower pots, plain, for his mother. I laughed, I cried, I yelled and I screamed.
'Denis! Maybe she would like pigs on there'
'le cuchon!' (Denis' mother is french)
'OK, Denis, maybe a frog, a cat, a bunny or elephant?'
'No! Plain!'
'Denis, you don't know me very well (actually, Denis knows me VERY well). First, I do not make plain flower pots because they are cheaply produced overseas and sold very cheap here, so mine have to be extra special. Second, as Celeste knows, you don't just order something from me. You hand me money, I give you whatever I feel like making. What you want doesn't figure into the picture'
Denis realized he would get nowhere with me. He asked for a moose (good idea!) and a baby on flower pots. As I sit here thinking about this order, I imagine he may get the moose, but I will surprise him with the babies. Stay tuned on that.
I dreamt for hours last night thatI was a ghost. I helped arrange, and attended my own funeral. I tried to thwart a burglery. Problem was, most people could see me. I had hoped as a ghost I could fade in and out as I wished, but that wasn't the case. People who had known me could see me, others too at times. I could go through walls which was quite cool.
Having attended my own funeral, I feel like I shouldn't have enjoyed myself so much.
When the alarm went off, my first thought naturally, was 'why would a ghost have to get up when the alarm goes off?' I was confused.


Greg said...

BWAAHAHAHAAH.. I LOVE the business motto gary!

hmmm baby hedgehogs?

Very nice ornaments!

Gordo The Geek said...

Yep, put it on a big plaque!

Personally, I think the Irish have the right idea. A funeral should be a celebration of the stiff's life. My funeral will have a dress code: Hawaiian shirts and silly hats for all. Not dressed properly, bugger off and make someone else sad.

denis said...

i see potterman is rewriting history. just so everyone knows i ordered two flower pots for my mother (just like the potterman did recently for his wife) but instead of a dog, elephant, gnome, or unicorn, i wanted my mother's two favorite things: a flower and a bird. a very simple request. but potterman refused! "i can't do a flower and i can't do a bird," he says to me. well, we all know how talented potterman is and he can do anything, but he refuses to do something that would bring such joy to my poor frail mother. since he was not very accommodating it was at that point i said, okay, then give me plain ones. then we did a compromise.

Ellen said...

Hey, Denis, I can do flowers! hehe...

denis said...

ellen, you're hired!

gr said...

Yes, Ellen makes very nice flowers on pottery. I doubt if Denis is worthy of any pots from you or me, Ellen, however, but his mother is.

Huh? What's that? Bruins 4, Canadiens 2 last night? Did we have a bet, Big D?

Lis Garrett said...

"You hand me money, I give you whatever I feel like making. What you want doesn't figure into the picture."

LOL! Great disclaimer!

gr said...

'customer service with a smile' becomes 'no customer service and no smile' at potsblog.

Ignore Denis, he is a troublemaker.

Kate & Jim said...

Well, I'd like to see some of Ellen's pottery, too. I think you showed a bowl a while back, didn't you, Gary. She had a beautiful flower on it, I believe... :)

celeste said...

Why's everyone picking on my Denis?

Ellen said...

Hey, I am not picking on Denis, Celeste! I am just trying to steal the sale from GR!

Ellen said...

Here ya go..