Monday, December 24, 2007

Mr and Mrs Potsblog: 12/24/1992-12/24/2007

(Gary and Maude 2007, Gary and Maude and Rev. Curtis 1992)
Whoa, 15 years!
4 dogs
3 cats
4 cars
4 apartments
2 houses
4 states
4 towns
3 washers
3 beds
1 couch
1 loveseat
3 computers

...and just you and me...
I love you sweetie!


Kate & Jim said...

Congrats! to you and Maude! May you have 115 more!

Gordo The Geek said...

Congratulations, you two! What a great couple.

gr said...

115 more! yeah baby!
Well Gord, she's great, I do my best to keep up.

deborah said...



ML said...

Somehow there's a prickling in my nose and a mysterious moistness in my eyes. Must be I'm getting sentimental in my old age. Sounds to me like you got it right the first time, so just keep right on and don't let go of that wonderful glow! You were an adorable couple then and still are now!

Ellen said...

Happy Anniversary!

gr said...

adorable? wow! thanks everybody!

Greg said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Great pics and with confident & deep wishes for it to continue through all time.

And A Merry Christmas to you and your families as well!

Mother of Invention said...

Aw! That's so sweet! What a lucky gal she is, Gary!