Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wherein potsblog adopts a classroom of high school ceramics students

OK, here at potsblog we learn a little everyday, meet new people, have a good time. New territory today though, as we suddenly find ourselves adopting a high school ceramics class. Would I be overstating potsblog's importance if I said we are the technical advisor? That we are, in a way this class's GURU?
So, somewhere in central Connecticut (until they tell me otherwise, I will keep them anonymous), there is a brand new high school with a state of the art ceramics classroom and bright and creative students and an amazing teacher, and they are writing to me:

"Hey Gary, Yes "virginia" is real . My name is (Helen of Troy) and teach ceramics at (Troy) High School . We have a wonderful group of students her @ THS. My students make thier own glazes from scratch. (Virginia )is really looking for an elephant glaze for her elephant pot. Love the blog and the kids are getting a kick out of " the is it you or is it me " between your friends. Sounds like a wonderful group of people you have as friends. When we finish with the glazing we will send you pictures of the class and our work!! Thanks for being wonderful!!!
(Helen of Troy)"

Notice: the teacher called me wonderful.

"so everyone in my class loves the blog and how i'm "virginia", my teacher especially, who decided to email you just to further varify the fact that i am in fact a real person, promise :-)

ps my friend (lee) says Hi. (she's in my pottery class)"

To which I replied:

"whoa! all these people visiting potsblog!

I just hope some of you do the right thing and go to art school and study to become artists!!!!!! There are already plenty of bankers and stockbrokers and insurance agents in the world. Pottery is so much fun, your teacher and program sound wonderful. You're doing very advanced work, you're lucky.

I want to see A LOT of pictures of your projects, A LOT.


and our 10th grade friend Virginia tells us:

"I would love to become an artist. i am looking into graphic animation, combining my love of art with my talent at computers. You know how bee movie just came out? that is exactly what i want to do. we have many talented people in my class, all ten of us are haha. I was actually looking at art colleges recently really liked what i saw in maryland... we'll see! "

Well, Virginia, make art and have fun. I would guess that a creative person interested in computers and animation would do well in this world,and so I hope you will remember us little people at potsblog when you make it big.


Kate & Jim said...

Never a dull moment - 'eh, Gary???

gr said...

well, a person likes to have some fun

Gordo The Geek said...

Does this mean that we have to behave now?

gr said...

maybe we should get signed releases absolving potsblog of all responsibility

ML said...

What a super boost to the ego this has to be, huh, Gary? And what a lucky bunch of kids to have found this most fun, instructive, and, yeah, crazy site, complete with a very talented, helpful and charming master potter, who also happens to have an equally charming wife and a whole passel of adorable animals! And please, let us not forget all the rest of us adorable, charming, witty hangers on here,either. The class around here is just unending.

Lis Garrett said...


Greg said...

OHOH Mr POTTAH! Mr. POTTAH! (waving hand enthusiastically) :D .. gord? behave? did you ever behave in HS? nawww.. just don't let him catch us passing notes I hear he's real mean when it comes to detentions.. makes those people mix glazes in dark dank basements or something :D

Greg said...

But in a more lighter side.. way go gary! See you can run but not hide from academia! .. oh and Virginia.. see that B&W pic of your new mascot.. I mean advisor? that's him back when HE used to teach!.. small world and way to go to gary and your class!

Kate & Jim said...

Hi everybody -

I have been asked by Gary to inform you all that his internet connection has 'gone up in smoke'- 'kaput'- 'out of service', for the time being...hopefully he'll be back on sometime today, or as soon as possible.

Keep those comments coming. Even though he can't get to them for now.


Kelly said...

You are awesome! And, on of the twins is accepted at Cazenovia for Interior she doesn't know if that's what she wants to do...says she's afraid she'll make no money. I tell her that it's better to do what you love and have a little money then to do something you hate just because the pay check's bigger. That's a perfect way to be miserable. I'll do what I can to stick her fingers in the paint, so to speak. At least her second choice is Art Therapy...she things there is more money in that. LOL. Kids.

ML said...

Hmmm, hasn't it been long enough so we could reasonably expect to be looking and admiring some of 'Virginia's' work? Deadline no later than Tuesday, Virginia, or I'd flunk you, girl.