Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Virginia writes back:

I wrote:
"(Virginia)-if you follow my advice for additions to the Clay Times recipe you should have a very good result. I am not charging half a million bucks, but you OWE me. We (at the blog) want a picture of your work when it is fired.
We insist. And at that point you can either use your real name or whatever you prefer.
But you owe me that picture.

and she wrote back:
"oh, you bet i will. i was planning on it anyways. i'm really excited. tonight my teacher fired the tiles i made for the glaze to go on, and tomorrow i will see and or make sure i have all the necessary chemicals (i should) and start to mix the glazes. i will paint the test tiles and fire them probably on friday... (we have a field trip to a museum on thursday), and whichever glaze i like the BEST i will use to dip my pot in... but i promise i willl upload a picture of it for you :-)"

We should emphasize to our young student friend here that posting your work at potsblog is not exactly a big step up. Some might say that it damages reputations, not improves them. But if a person wants a certain notoriety, share your work at potsblog.


Gordo The Geek said...

Oh, perfect. Now, you tell me.

gr said...

people around here find that potsblog may cause a significant loss to their good reputations and standing in the community

Gordo The Geek said...

Well, I never had either of those, so I'm safe. :-)

ML said...

And I'm pretty much a recluse so I don't think I'll do any worrying, either. Wouldn't have anyway, though.