Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tracy Helgeson: guest artist

(painting by Tracy Helgeson)
One problem about my nomination for 'art blog of the year' is that there are so many gorgeous and fantastic artists blogging. I am a worm on the sidewalk compared to all of them, especially Tracy Helgeson.
Tracy has her paintings in galleries all over the northeastern US, and Mrs Potsblog and I have seen her work in galleries in New Hampshire, a place she appears to like for subject matter (NH Barns above). Notice the gorgeous and lush textured color. She is also a sweet person, and a mother of, did I get this right, four kids? They live up the road from us here in northern NY, so go have a look at her stuff.
There is, ahem, talk of a painting of an old purple house, I kid you not.


meno said...

Tracy is one of the first people who commented on my blog, so i love her for that.

I also love her art so much that i bought a painting from one of her galleries on-line without even seeing it in person first. It is beautiful. You have made an excellent choice.

Mama P said...

I live for the day that I can afford to buy art like that. Meanwhile, my blogging is my art. And I thank all of you for brightening my day with your rich pots, portraits and words.

gr said...

thanks for the visits---this is a funny one, as I think I first heard about this blog from meno, but I already knew the work very well, then here she is, lives just up the street (sorta)

listen everybody: do an upstate NY art tour-come to my house, go to her house, bring your wallet-I promise to serve little cappucinos and espressos and pots of Earl Grey

Tracy said...

Meno, did you tell me that you bought one of my pieces? I don't recall hearing that little bit of info! You are either very sneaky , or I am so blase, that I don't remember someone telling me they bought a piece...

Which one did you buy?

Thanks Mama P for visiting me and I look forward to reading through your blog.

And thanks Gary for the feature. I am really enjoying your blog and glad Meno introduced us!

And um, thanks for inviting people to my studio. Now I have to do the spring cleaning that I was hoping to put off until next spring:)

gr said...

I had a customer from Seattle recently and wondered if it was Meno, maybe it is?
It is up to you, Tracy, to let people know where you are and if there is an open studio. But I tend to toss around ideas. Thanks for everything!

Mama P said...

Don't worry Tracy. I talk big about writing, but I'm a mommy at heart. I'll watch the kids while you act all artsy and make a fortune. But I do charge 10 bucks/hour.

gr said...

I can imagine a huge blogging convention this summer, in a meadow with a big circus tent and an open bar, and a seperate kiddies tent with pony rides. Balloons too.