Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mrs Potsblog enters a competition, and gets SECOND place--neato!!

(Mrs Potsblog and her bag)
Mrs Potsblog remade skirt and comforter scraps into a bag and entered a ReImagine Style contest. We discovered she was second, which is cool:
Accessories 1 (Bags, Belts, Shoes)
First Prize: Yana Kravchenko and Katerina Kravchenko, Newfield NY
Shoulder bag made from old blue jeans, with decorative beading and a braided handle.
Second Prize: Maude Rith, Etna NY
“Day bag” with interior and exterior pockets designed to hold papers, lunch, umbrella, cell phone, water bottle, pen etc. made from recycled, reused materials
Third Prize: Anna Keeton, Ithaca NY
Purse made from burlap basmati rice bag, reused woven belt, fabric scraps, and decorative items from “reuse kit” given to each entrant in last year’s contest.

And so, Mrs Potsblog says:
"My name in lights! I mean, the backlight of a laptop counts, right?"


cm said...

Whoot! Way to go, Mrs P!

Um, hey, listen, I've got this dress I've never finished sewing...

Gordo The Geek said...

Of course it counts! Loot? Do you get loot?

Mona Buonanotte said...

Congrats to the Mrs!

gr said...

She has to dress up and model it!

cm said...

Pictures! We'll need pictures!

greg said...

WOOHOO! can you bring the winning bag on sunday?

gr said...

well, you know, she and the bag need to perform Sunday....