Friday, April 13, 2007


My old pal Greg from Kingston, Ontario is a renaissance man. I have no skills or talents outside of making pigs, but Greg is a different kettle of fish. He is on the faculty and staff of the Royal Military College and also a founding member of The Cavalier Society and an accomplished woodworker. We are working on a project together. It is a small period piece, circa 1620, a little wooden footstool with a small footed pot containing hot coals. My part is done and Greg:

Well Gary being busy acting this weekend, has asked for something to blog about. I honestly have enough trouble posting things on my own blog but Gary came up with the idea of writing about something that I can cross-post. Hence a brief update about the footstool and the pot Gary made to go in it. I cut out the pieces from pine for the first one. It's cheap and an easy wood to work with and I am sure there will have to be modifications to make it work best. I am hoping to have it done for the Cavalier Society's Muster next Sat although alas, there will be no pot to go with it.

I wasn't sure whether to make it with two sides open or just one. Looking at the 5 pics of period paintings showing these footstools show that each one is different. I am sure due to locale and taste. This time I'll go with just one side open as it will afford me some more practice making dovetails joints. I am also planning on mortise and tenon joints to attach the sides to the top and bottom. The couple pictures here simply show some of the markings for the dado cuts and the holes to be cut out for the top so the heat can escape. I'll first drill them out, then square them up with a chisel.

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cm said...

Wow. Very impressive. I took a woodworking course at night school at the high school and made corner shelves for my room. Had to cut the suckers the old-fashioned way, thereby building biceps and shelves at the same time.