Wednesday, April 25, 2007

goofing off at Taughannock Falls and everywhere else

(Mr Potsblog on the road)
Taughannock Falls is the tallest of Ithaca's 150 waterfalls. Taller than Niagara we are told, but it is just a small river, unlike Niagara. It is a rather incredible walk up the river gorge to these falls. It is somewhat disconcerting seeing all the boulders on the trail which have fallen from the cliffs above, but I was not flattened as you can see.
Tremendous fun has been had here with Mike. Gave me an excuse to be a bit of a tourist. Off to my parents' farm, briefly, then goodbye and back to the weary grind of making bunnies and pigs this afternoon.


cm said...

"weary grind," he says. As if, I say.

Mother of Invention said...

What a beauty spot to have near you. You live such a peaceful life! We have a river in our back yard that flows through our town but it ain't a beauty like this.

Gordo The Geek said...

Yeah, I'll give ya "weary grind", Gary

greg said...

with all those blocks and pieces looks like some nice Devonian shale. Or is it all sandstone?

gr said...


Shale. Layers and layers of it, falling down all over the place. Lovely building material.