Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Godzilla Chili at 540 Main

(bowl and chili by Mr Potsblog)
Delicious. Accompanied by free beer. More on that later.


cm said...

Does 540 Main take reservations?

greg said...

My guess is just drop in! =) hmm is there neat little gifties in the bottom of each bowl too!?

Gordo The Geek said...

LOL .. I had one of those crazy, Korean ramen noodle bowls for a snack this afternoon. Shrimp flavour it said. Shrimp and lava more like it ... LOL

Mmmmmmm ... Chili

gr said...

Our man Greg would find hot chili very therapeutic.
Oh yes, cm, all of you are welcome!

Maggie said...

Ooh, I found your chili. It looks darn good. Makes my mouth water...Hey you mentioned soy sausage and beef? soy beef? is that right?

gr said...

Yes, Mags, there is all kinds of soy stuff available: sausage, steak strips, burger, bacon. I like it all.