Sunday, April 15, 2007

guest blogger number 3: Maggie writes a poem!!!

Our old pal Maggie from Quebec stands in as a guest blogger today, and just like Greg, Mrs Potsblog and cm--wow! What a nice job! Maggie is American originally from Washington state, has a 10 year old and twin two olds and is married to a French Canadien gentleman. Maggie is a most accomplished poet. Read on: (again, the first part is probably just to me, but...)

Gary, I'm including my post. I wrote a little introduction and a poem. I'm
also sending an image to go with it. In the body of the text there is a url
in parenthases. I can never get straight html to work without using their
link button so I included it as a link to the title of the Dylan Thomas
poem. Hope that's ok and that this post is what you were looking for.
Thanks for asking me to do this. :-)

I just recently learned about a formal style of poetry called Villanelle.
This has a particular rhyme and stanza layout. I love the rhythm of it, if
it is done well. Perhaps one of the greatest and most famous English
examples of this style of poetry was written by Dylan Thomas called Do not
go gentle into that good night
I am quite enamored with this style of poetry at present. And since my
current writing passion pretty much encompasses poetry, I decided for my
guest post I might offer a villanelle. I would like to add that Gary and I
have a special kinship. We are both avid cooks (at least I surmise this
about him because we have many conversations about recipes and food). So,
in the spirit of that kinship, my villanelle is entitled:

Dinner Party

Come on in, enjoy the wine
catch the scent of virgin herbs so chaste
take a friendship with a heady dine.

Tonight we offer berries sweetened on the vine
moments spoken over tables are never waste
come on in, enjoy the wine.

No meal can truly be shortened to half past nine
when such company assembles for taste
so share some friendship with a heady dine.

Open a palate of discussion over silver tine
and courses savored with laughter liberated of haste
come on in enjoy your wine.

Recipes of earthen fruits marinated in brine
to feed crowds of conversationalists fast paced
please take our friendship with a heady dine.

Oh there’s dancing to make your face shine
do not quietly linger in that corner misplaced
come on in, enjoy the wine
and take a friendship with a heady dine.


Mrs. P said...

Dear Maggie,
Not only have you used a great poetry form but expressed a wonderful sentiment as well. Thank you!

Maggie said...

Mrs. P, thanks! I had a lot of fun putting that together. I could just picture a dinner of friends laughing and cooking in the kitchen together over glasses of wine. Or, probably in Gary's case I should have said beer, but I liked the words that rhyme with wine better. :-)

cm said...

What time should I arrive? And would you like me to bring dessert?

Mother of Invention said...

Great one, Maggie! I think I saw this at Pauline's another teacher/poet blogger. They are intriguing and I haven't even attempted one yet!