Wednesday, April 18, 2007


(pots by Gary Rith)
We do make cow mugs like this at 540 Main, Potsblog HQ.

My new best friend Justin writes:


The piggy bank arrived today. It is amazing. It has a prominent place on my desk at work, and everyone in the office is asking about it. I'm really still starting out in ceramics, but hopefully someday I'll produce pieces as cool as these. Thanks again, and if you get the chance to make the cow mugs, I would love to see pics and possibly buy a few. I'll keep an eye on your blog-it's really interesting to see inside the world of a potter. All those unglazed pigs...cute stuff.


Oh yes, Junstin, we can make your cow mugs.


Justin said...

Ask and ye shall receive! Fantastic! I can't wait until you fire those babies!

gr said...

Like I was saying, my new best friend justin....