Monday, April 16, 2007

Mona goes 'MOO' and Mr Potsblog is a creature of HABIT

(pottery by Gary Rith and YOU KNOW IT)
We pride ourselves at Potsblog for our educational moments, our before and afters and thinking behind and motivation etc. Well, Mona says 'hey! I need a cow creamer!!!' and so I find I have one ready to go for her to look at. As a bonus public service message, I am including a freshly made creamer body. Step one, as it were. Tomorrow I shall add handle and cow, and after it is bisque fired halfway, I shall add the colored underglaze and clear glaze then POOF! 2200 degrees, a little cooling, and we have a creamer. I will tell you that yes indeed, the cow should look a little saucy, like she is on the beach sunbathing, perhaps she is even a swimsuit model, without the swimsuit. Yet, even though she may be a bit saucy, she is still humorous and family friendly. Enough education.
It is most disorienting leaving the house and being a juror, even a fake one. As instructive as it has been ,I never go anywhere and do anything, I sit at home and make stuff every day, Mrs Potsblog and the dogs and cats keeping me company. Cat at this point. Maybe a bunny some time later.
I am a creature of habit, therefore stuff gets made.


Gordo The Geek said...

I think most artists are such creatures, Gary.

gr said...

The ones who get up in the morning, make something so they can pay the bills? Where do people get the idea we lie around in bed all day then slurp wine all night whilst slopping paint in the direction of canvas?

Mona Buonanotte said...

A saucy cow is what I need,
I need one, need one, yes indeed.
It really is a charming breed,
that charming saucy cow I need.

Well, it's a bad poem, but the sentiment is there. YES! I'll email you!

Gordo The Geek said...

Bad poem? I'm not qualified to comment. I nice piece of doggerel, to be sure. :-)

gr said...

Fantastic Mona, fantastic.

greg said...

wow.. what an udder delight!


I need one of them. I'll offer 4 quatloos. =)