Friday, April 13, 2007


Like last month, when it was warm, I am a pretend juror at Cornell Law School. There is lunch involved this time, and two weekends worth of trials for me. It darn well better be interesting, and the lunch better be tasty.
SO, I have asked a few blogging friends to help me with some posts. Man, I know some great people. So, a guest blogger here and there this weekend.
MURPHY'S LAW: having reached the age of 41 with no court or jurisdiction ever calling me for jury duty, therefore I volunteer for student trials, WHAT COMES IN THE MAIL TWO DAYS AGO?????? Yes, Tompkins County Court needs me.


cm said...

Lunch! Whoo! Who cares about the trial details, let us know what they serve for lunch.

Mother of Invention said...

That's uncanny!

Have a good lunch! Who says, "There's No free Lunch"?