Monday, April 23, 2007

a cup for GR

(mug by Gary Rith)
OK, what am I working on lately? I am following a direction, a slender and sleek shape, with little foots--trying for something that is both relatively simple, but still has an elegant and unusual shape. Creativity is shooting an arrow at a target with a blind fold on: you have something in your mind's eye, maybe just a tiny little ill-defined idea, and you are trying to make it work in reality. Enough deep thoughts, we had that last Friday. I will say this: this type of thing is complicated enough by itself that it doesn't call out for a pig on the handle.

My old best pal from New Hampshire visits today trough Wednesday. I have some of Mike's work and can do a little special on him tomorrow (I will tell him I did it after it is posted, you don't want somebody to say NO). When potter friends visit potter friends, inevitably there is raucous talk of glaze recipes, handles, footed vases and even bowl shapes. Quite interesting, to potters anyway.

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Lucia said...

I love this description of creativity. Shooting an arrow at a target with a blind fold on. Isn't that the truth!

So sorry I never sent a guest post. Simply overwhelmed with too much to do. Bah! It's a state of life I don't want but am stuck with sometimes.

Magnificent! weekend here in WI.