Monday, April 30, 2007

Penny Proofing the yard

(Penny the beagle and Jack the black lab)
I didn't mention it, but Saturday in her first five minutes at home Penny took off. She went to a low spot in the picket fence and was under and gone in a second, me in pursuit. She ran down to the river and dove in after the 5 ducks that had been sitting there. She seemed to be surprised to be swimming, and came back to me. I bought steel mesh and spent Sunday digging around the fence bottom and stapling this stuff in place. I will keep an eye on her: typical beagle, sweet lap puppy in the house, chasing ducks and squirrels outdoors.
Our dog Petey was a beagle or some kind of hound mix, and I grew up with hounds, so yes, I know how they are.
I am guessing this is how she became a stray and ended up at the shelter.


Lucia said...

The bottom of my fence looks a lot like that too. No rocks. But wire mesh. Uh huh...I get it. She's such a's no wonder you wanted to just scoop her up and take her home.

greg said...

man, sounds just like my dog Kelli. And to add to the fact that she believes everything is her friend and wants to play.. so off she goes- at mach 2!

gr said...

Better safe than sorry!
Man, I need to make some pots soon here....................