Thursday, April 12, 2007

wee little piggy banks, 2

(pigs by Gary Rith)
Once these little things are fired I should do a line up off all the piggy bank sizes I make, jumbo, large, small, mini and micro. These are minis next to a fired large, will hold one coin in the slot. IN the slot, it cannot go through the slot into the pig. Gotta make more.


Maggie said...

What does a micro hold? Those are sooooooo cute. Stop making things I want to buy.

denis said...

if you were to line up all the piggy banks that you've made in your life, would they reach los angeles?

gr said...

No, Denis, they would reach around to Hong Kong and back again. Mags, the micros don't really work except to hold maybe a grain of rice. They are for doolhouses, one inch equals one foot.