Saturday, April 14, 2007

tunes o' the day from guest DJ CM: Tegan and Sara

Our old pal CM from Toronto fills in as DJ this weekend, WHOOHOO!
I bet she didn't intend this first part to be posted, but let's hope she gets better.
I'm home, sick. Left work at noon and fell asleep after lunch. Will go back to bed momentarily, then get up later for Poor Angus (can't miss the show!). Meanwhile, thought I'd take advantage of the consciousness to do up some tunes o' the day for you. Everything's family safe, although the Allison Hinds video has some bikini-clad bumpin' and grindin'. I've embedded the video links into the email text and included them separately in case the links don't copy over. I've thrown in some images, too.Tegan and Sara, Monday. I bought this cd on a whim in Calgary, to have something to listen to while driving through the mountains. I was pleased with the album but a little disappointed to learn that this song wasn't "mundane, mundane, mundane" after all.


cm said...

No, I didn't intend the first part to be posted, but since you did, I can tell you that I'm still sick but the boys were wonderful, as always. Too bad they don't have a video.

gr said...

Hey, feel better cm, nice job with the DJing.