Friday, April 06, 2007

Deep thoughts with Gary: a new Friday feature???

Meno has an open call on this meme, so I thought I would grab the ball and run with it, although it is a tough one.

1. You've decided to run for president. Who would you choose as your VP, and why?
Bill Richardson of New Mexico. Why isn't this guy getting more attention? Former congressman, ambassador and Cabinet member and general diplomat about town and current New Mexico governor. This guy is correct on most of the issues, from a progressive viewpoint, smart as heck, experienced beyond any other candidate, honest, and this matters to some people, Hispanic. Since I would be an incompetent president, this guy could run the show and I could learn golf.
2. If you suddenly found yourself homeless and had no money or friends for to find a safe place to sleep, where would you go for the night, and why?
Good lord, I hate this question. Ithaca is full of social services, so I suppose I would try to get help that way. If it was winter and that didn't work, I would move into some back basement corner of the Cornell library or somesuch building.
3. The place you want to see most in the world, but don't think you'll ever manage to travel to?
I never go anywhere, generally, but would like to travel to parts of the west coast, Iceland, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. I tend to live in my head, and travel is not a big priority.
4. If you had one "do-over", what would it be, if anything?
My college major was in art, and we were required to choose two topics plus do advanced work (a minor)in one other area. My second art topic was architecture, theoretically fun and interesting, but I hated it, and wish my minor topic of early childhood education had been the second half of my major. Yes, I could have done that, others did, and since I later spent 3 years in grad school studying special ed and reading ed, well, obviously I liked it and pursued it as a career for awhile). At this point I could see studying more art hitory and archaeology.
5. If you could break bread with anyone (still alive) in the world today, who would it be? And who else would you invite to the meal?
Hey, my man Bill Richardson, and I would invite my parents so they could see how great he is and vote Democratic for a change, plus of course, the wife, and Denis too, because he is smart and funny.


cm said...

My life has turned out pretty well so far, but I would be curious to know how it would have gone had I tried to get into university for science.

gr said...

you're so smart, you would have cured cancer by now

Mona Buonanotte said...

Very enlightening! I would SO be a humanities professor, if I had a do-over. Art history and theatre and writing. That or library and information sciences.

Or oceanographer. Except I can't swim. That would be bad.

gr said...

Same is true for you Mona, you're so smart you would be a great perfessor. Then again, if you pursued a writing career of an alternative nature, you might do well at that anyway....

Anonymous said...

Vice President?

Tom Clancy

Do over?

I'd have not said no to the two ex-girlfriends who offered me an eveing in a hotel room... other than that, I'm good.

Gorthos the Pig