Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I am beginning to make the slips for the drawing BUT:

Ok, as I said above, we finish at 3pm, and with over 120 comments????????? Holy cats!
The drawing, as I said, will be held before 8pm tonight, 5 hours from now. It will be video. Realistically, it will be held when my wife gets home after five, and then we have to get organized then post the video, OK?????

Everybody's jokes are sooooo good. I have not yet figured out how to compile a list, but I'll see what I can do. For now, there is a button on the right, Penny in her hoody, that links directly to the post.

The best part about this is realizing what a nice little community party we can have! With people all over the world, meeting and cracking jokes!!!!!

Thanks. See you in 2-5 hours. :)


Farmer*swife said...

Poo! Eight O'clock! You're killin' me here!

Okay, so that's 7:pm my time....

;-D Saves me an hour of miserable pins and needles waiting anxiously!

Happy Drawing!

Lynda said...

I really enjoyed this, Gary. Hope you do this again sometime!

Knight said...

I hope you have enough tiny bits of paper!

Anonymous said...

I'll be stuck in a meeting, but I'm sure your vlog will be just as entertaining at 5am tomorrow ...right?!?

Will the winners get to have a Penny "Pottery Lottery" button on their blogs?

tt said...

This has been the best distraction I've had in a long time....well, if I don't count Farmer*s wife's vlogs and my tiling projects....but it's been sooooo fun!
Yay for you for coming up with this! Hurry up 7 ( my time too)I wanna clap for someone!

gary rith said...

TWENTY FIVE PAGES. I just printed the jokes: 25 pages! I'll try to find a tidy way to publish them for everybody to look at and copy.

PEACE said...

Thanks Gary, this has been so much fun. For all who are needing something to do, please go to my blog and watch the inspirational video Celebrate What's Right in the World,

It will give you something to do instead of going into a joke depression! It has some amazing pictures and stories you will like, I promise.

Farmer*swife said...

Is it five o'clock there yet? Or, six yet?

Barbara Martin said...

Gary, initially your post said September 2 - 3rd, and I, of course, was thinking midnight. Pah.
Well, maybe you can include my joke in with the others as an honorary one.