Tuesday, September 16, 2008


(Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam)
Readers always amaze and amuse me. All those people down there voting on the Beatles and Zeppelin? OK, let's do it again:
What Hard Rockers do you prefer?????????? I think I know how most people will vote. Vote for your favorite, or rank all 3. UPDATE: Denis doesn't know Godsmack, poor boy. Go to this video link for the Pottersblog video of the YEAR 2006: Godsmack's 'Speak'. GIRLS!! Cars!!! Guitars!!!! Heavy METAL HEAVEN!!!!

A) Pearl Jam
B) Godsmack
C) The Bee Gees

Here's the Bee Gees 'Mend a Broken Heart' to help you with your choice....


Gordo said...

One of these things is not like the other;
One of these things just doesn't belong ...

Pearl Jam

Lynda said...

Oh yeah, I am too old, so I have to with the BeeGees. Or, the Ramones from gordo's list.

denis said...

i never even heard of godsmack. what does that say about me?

Knight said...

The Bee Gees are Hard Rockers? Really?

CM said...

I'm sure someone somewhere considers the Bee Gees to be hard rockers. They'd get my vote on this list.

Newt said...

I like them all for different reasons. Hmmm. Serenity from Godsmack is awesome. I like Pearl Jam in general and the Bee Gees bring back memories. I can't pick. i just can't.

gary rith said...

Um, let's remember who is running this poll (a devilish potter).
Denis!!!! I am appalled!

Farmer*swife said...

The duck bowls and cups are adorable!!! Totally terrific!

OK...so I skimmed your hundreds of posts I missed while in the woods without technology....I'm in a hurry, totally tired, and way behind...

So, I allow myself one blog read every hour or two!

This morning? I made my coffee. Something was missing....hmmm..... Oh yeah!

How's my muggie comming???? [Newts stuff is cute!]

J said...

See, it all depends on the circumstances:

If I'm driving with the windows open, and singing along to the radio:

Pearl Jam

If I'm drinking with my buddies at the bar:

Pearl Jam

If I'm having drinks with the in-laws and want to really embarrass my wife:

Pearl Jam (as sung by Barry Gibb)
Godsmack (as sung by Andy Gibb)

PEACE said...

Okay I am seeing I am too old for this, but I am not too old to know that the Bee Gees ARE NOT hard rockers! Where is The Who? Where is Black Sabbath? Where is Queen? And who is Godsmack...I'm with Denis ya need to include some real bands here that us old farts know!

These are rock bands:
Black Sabbath
Motley Crue
Steve Miller Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Not the BEE GEES! Lordy.And yea I know it's your poll and you can put up whomever you wish, but come on!

gary rith said...

lalalala the Bee Gees are a joke and look down a few posts to see yesterday's poll with The Who etc LALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!!

gary rith said...

You see, I can't STAND the Bee Gees, but there you are trying to buy cat food at the store and it crawls into your ear 'how can you mend a broken heart...................................'

Reb said...

I really am old...I love the Bee Gees, I have heard of Gobsmacked and Pearl Jam, but could name a song form either of them.

gary rith said...


~ Sil in Corea said...


Calm down, calm down... [breathe deeply] I agree with Peace.

Karen said...

I'm with Peace all the way on this one!

gary rith said...

Nirvana anyone? METALLICA??????

kate et jim said...


Steve Miller Band is #1!!!!!

Gordo said...

How about Nazareth!

kcinnova said...

None of yours, Gary. Sorry. (And you are devilish, making that dumb BeeGee's song run through my head this afternoon!!)

It may be your blog, but you asked about my musical hard rock appetite:

Ronnie James Dio
(and since I named both of them, I suppose I should add Black Sabbath)
Def Leppard

And while too new to be classic, Kutless (if you myspace, I have a couple of their vids up on mine)

HP said...


gary rith said...


Linda Starr said...

Hi Gary, you seem to like lists/polls. I don't like heavey metal nor the Bee Gees. How about:

Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
Joni Mitchell
Crosby, Stills, Nash
The Band
John Mayall
Jefferson Airplane
Bob Dylan
Quicksilver Messenger Service

and many more

Barbara(aka Layla) said...


Did you know I have an entire blog about rock and roll? You might like it, check it out sometime:


gary rith said...

I know you do Barbara.
I have broad tastes, actually, very braod, but still don't care for the Bee Gees.
Linda, I'd go to your parties for sure! Crank it up.