Monday, September 22, 2008


I gotta RUN but first: thanks Giggles! A small and fun meme

1. Think of all your exes. Would you take any of them back?
There is a reason they are EXES. I have no doubt they are all looking quite aged and bitter and would be most jealous of my wife.

2. What was the first car you drove? What happened to it?
AN MG convertible, yeow!!!!!!!!!!

3. What’s the longest amount of time you have driven a car non-stop?
Chicago to New York A FEW TIMES but also Miami to New York once, which I think was almost 24 hours......

4. Have you ever been stood up on a date? If yes, when?
HA! what is a date? Never had one....

5. What TV network do you watch the most?

6. Pick out a song you like that has special meaning to you. Share with us what song is it, and what’s the meaning to you. Psycho Killer by the Talking heads. Quest que cest, or whatever.

7. Who was your first celebrity crush on?
Maryan and Ginger!!!!! MARCIA BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. What is your favorite romantic comedy movie?
That Christmas movie, Love Actually!

9. It has been said, "First Loves Are Never Over." Is this true for you? Well, when I was 5 or 6, there was Sally, and her life, according to my parents, has been rocky, although she IS a millionaire. If you are rich but your life is horrible, what does that mean? Better to be a poor slob with me, right Missus Pottersblog?


Lynda said...

Well, now I enjoyed seeing your answers to these questions...Marcia?? lol

BTW, I think Mrs. P's hair looks FANTASTIC!

And, I still like Hall & Oates ;-)

Tink said...

Love Actually rocks. It's right up there with While You Were Sleeping.

gary rith said...

Her hair does look good.
Marcia Marcia MARCIA!!!!!!! I actually really and truly saw her in the flesh in 1977......

gary rith said...

I love the MILLIONS of people in that movie, so many people!

E Fudd said...

Vewy intewesting Mr Pottaw, vewy....


Anonymous said...

Hey, watch who you be callin' slob, she's my sistah!

Giggles said...

I still love convertibles, my first was a corvette, I have a jeep now with a soft top that hasn't been on in over 12 years, sad I know!!My next car should be a convertible mini cooper!!Marsha Marsha Marsha eh? haha cute!I certainly agree with number 9 too!!I'd rather be a happy rich person for sure!!! Thanks for playing along!!

Hugs Giggles

Farmer*swife said...

Is the Kiln open?