Monday, September 08, 2008

C'est magnifique!

(Pat and Katie, Ellen and Lauren)
Oh the joys of advanced classes. These students are exceptionally skilled.
Had our first Monday advanced class at Cornell, and my students, 3 of whom I know already, are REALLY good.
So, I plan to sit back and let them teach ME for the next few weeks. It should be relaxing and enlightening.


Gordo said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan, Gary. :-)

kcinnova said...

You get paid to have them teach you?! What a great deal!

Someday the fam is going to come invade your studio and you'll see what suckiosity really looks like. Or maybe you'll discover a genius. Something like that, LOL

PEACE said...

Looks like a fun group. Hope you have a great semester.

Patricia Griffin said...

They look like they're having a blast. Bravo teacher!