Saturday, September 06, 2008

Movie talk with the regular guy: American Teen

Me and the missus just saw the real life documentary of high schoolers called 'American Teen'.
Remember high school? ::shudder:: Yeah, I know, I still havn't finished high school, that's how much I liked high school.
I was talking to my potter buddy Andy the other day, and the poor sap teaches high school art full-time, and man, he hates it. First day? 2 kids use their cell phones and take pics of their willies to pass around, AND other kids use their cells, held low under the table, to try to shoot upskirts of girls, which they then pass around. Chaos! Anarchy and hell!
And we see that in this documentary. There is a totally mean girl who HAS IT ALL. Looks and loads of money, good grades etc, but man, you hate her, she's such a snake. The basketball star is pushed by everybody but remains sweet, friendly, and hard working and you love him. The geeky boy? He doesn't make life any easier for himself by expressing his low self-esteem so clearly: he pretty much has a 'kick me' sign all over him, and you realize that the fourth character, Hannah, gets kicked around a lot, but she is the opposite. She is creative and ambitious and wants to move UP in the world. Wow. Glad I'm 42. Also glad I retired from teaching high school in 97, before everybody got cells.
OK, 'American Teen', a documentary, 9 thumbs out of ten, plus a bonus point for Hannah, ten thumbs up out of ten.


kcinnova said...

And here I thought the schools enforced that "no cell phone" rule! Guess we should watch this with our teens and see what they say about art vs. reality.

gary rith said...

Apparently the rules vary!!!!
You have good kids, KC.

Farmer*swife said...

Gasp! Fear! [siiiiiiiigh]. I was just poppin' in to say I'm excited to take a peak peep at that muggie you are workin' on for me! :-D

Lynda said...

Oh yeah - I have one of these creatures in my house. Yes, there's a no cell phone rule in school, but they do it anyway. However, that's only the tip of the annoyance scale!

Miss Heather said...

Hey Gary, it's me, Heather. The one with the stolen PayPal account and who has caused you drama. I read your blog almost daily and I just checked it and read your PayPal post. I am so sorry! I really feel terrible. Give me a few days and I will pay you again (not through PayPal) if needed. I don't have the money in my PayPal because they took it from you but never gave it to me. I HATE THEM!! You are great, I hope you're not still super upset. Just know I will take care of you one way or another. I think you're an amazing artist and an even more amazing person. I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures. :o)

Lis Garrett said...


I am NOT looking forward to when my kids are in high school. I can barely tolerate the thought of them entering middle school.