Monday, September 15, 2008


(pots by Gary Rith)
Cheri asked me about ducks, and I made and just shipped them a duck bowl. Then there was talk of ducky cuppys, and I made one of those and Cheri's daughter Laura thinks they might need about 30 of them.....thirty. Three-zero. Not blowing any surprises, am I? Anyway, Cheri, have a look at the top pic, the original is on the right, and I started glazing it, but then thought of 2 others---the curved sided, plus the back left, a little duck on the handle. Should we mix and match, so the potter doesn't get BORED? Laura, btw, you will be happy to know that outside my studio window today, I heard AND saw on the river behind the house: 3 cormorants, 7 ducks (mallards!), 2 blue herons and a snowy egret, and about a dozen Canadian geese. They are QUACKING up a storm, as some of them are heading south for the winter, and the eating behind my house on the river is good.
And Lynda asked about a puffin mug. This looks like an excellent puffin mug, even better later when the colors are added. I bought puffin cereal to use for inspiration, and my wife tells me it is a tax deduction.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

The ducky mugs are fantastic. The potter should not be bored. He should mix and match, colors and ducks, and, yes, 30. Laura and I have something up our sleeves with these, and it involves gift giving. That's all we are saying, except that the recipients (by profession) are some of the most noble and greatest people in all the world, besides potters. That's all I'm saying so surprises aren't ruined since some recipients read my blog and they might follow links.

Laura will be thrilled to hear that you saw seven mallards!!!

Also, I'm hungry for Puffins now. Laura loves the cinnamon Puffins (and I love to sneak them right out of the box). I am on my way to my pantry now, and I'm not even joking.

Lynda said...

Oh yes, these are all exceptional! Can't wait to see the finished product. The ducks are too cute, too!

gary rith said...

These puffins are excellent tasting indeed....