Saturday, May 03, 2008


I dreamt last night I was hanging out and performing with my friends the Rolling Stones, then in the evening, my pals the Grateful Dead came over (I really did dream this!) but the reality is:
An unusally active day full of outings for Mister Potsblog. I went to a huge concert, a museum exhibit, a bar, my wife's office and a party and art opening where I was a featured artist.
First, this exqusite little frog. I went into Cornell's art museum to see their new exhibit of pre-Columbian pottery aquisitons, and oh joy! I am in love! I have to go back! All these pots hand-made centuries ago, many with people, mythical beings, animals. I was standing next to a guard when I took this pic and THEN I noticed the 'no photography' signs. The guard hadn't noticed! I decided to buy the book.
I had also come to Cornell yesterday afternoon for Slope Day, the last day of classes. That is a drunken festival with frisbees, beers, and young people who havn't started studying for their exams yet. I watched a lot of the show from the sculpture garden on the museum's 2nd level, the awesome shot you see lower, and as you can see, there was a fence, students only allowed IN. But of course the bands were so loud.... I saw ambulances in and out, etc, typical student party with 15000 people, right? Anyway, the first band I saw was Hot Hot Heat and they were superb.

The headliners which I did not want to see were Gym Class Heroes, a noisy rap band, and as you see in the photo up there, the stone building on the left? That's my wife's office and we had to hear most of the show before the end of the day, unfortunately, whether we wanted to or not.


Anonymous said...

The campus looks beautiful!
And now you have a new tag: modern pre-Columbian pottery (such an amazing resemblance!!)...does this make you a wise old soul? ;)

gr said...

noveau pre-Columbian! neo-pre-Columbian!
I am not wise, no....

Anonymous said...

you're so funny.
you went to campus for slope day.

Greg said...

very busy day there Gary! wow.. students just starting exams now?? up here everyone is DONE by the end of April.. exams and all.

love the pre-columbian pottery! NOT that it compares to this but I got a can of unused 1800's English square iron nails...pretty neat in my own little world LOL