Saturday, May 17, 2008

Paige, brain surgery, and my interview

(my young visitor Paige and me at potsblog mission control)
There is apparently a LIST, culled from mysterious sources, of potters around upstate NY and I seem to be on it. Paige's high school pottery teacher passed out the list, gave the assignment: look up one of these people and their work, learn something about them and report on it, then try to make a project inspired by them. Paige lives about 40 miles away, and convinced her mom to find me and have an interview and studio tour (mentioned below). I said OK.
Paige is one of those smart and talented people. Aside from being a track star, pottery is only a sideline. She wants to be a brain surgeon (a frequent joke around potsblog: 'Gary, how do you do that?'..'brain surgery, rocket science') and make pots in her spare time. I am very happy that some members of the generation who will one day be tasked with caring for my old self are not only smart, but willing to study and the rest.
Paige and her mom got the tour, along with the usual price: send pics of her pottery for me to post here!


Mrs. P said...

Good, you're not slacking too much. That cafe/newspaper thing had me wondering.

gr said...

oh, ah, actually watching The Office for five hours probably counts as slacking....

kcinnova said...

I just noticed what a gorgeous view you have right there in your studio! How cool is that?!?

I'm glad to know my plates & bowls come from such inspiration!
Oh, and you, too, of course! ;)