Friday, May 09, 2008

Mona's poetry Friday

Mona asked me to cover her Poetry Friday, and as I have said, I chose the word 'doggy' because I am not a poet and I felt I would do a stupid job. I feel, however, that I have risen to the occaision. Last night, as I was falling asleep, a petite bolt of lightening struck and I produced a somewhat brilliant haiku. Copyright! All rights reserved!


Soggy doggy doo
messy froggy, smelly too
piggy diggy, eww!

(copyright 2008 by Gary Rith)

Ha! See, I did it. I realized this morning that it covers many of my favorites, my daily work and business largely consists of making mugs and teapots etc with frogs pigs and dogs. Penny below shows a bowl with a little model of herself on the side.
--Special shout out to Chatty! Hullo! Testing one two!
---another hello to Spilling Out, who wrote a brilliant doggy poem with pictures!


Kate & Jim said...

Take a bow - Gary. Applause - Applause.

Grego said...


gr said...

thank you thank you....

kcinnova said...

Love it! Glad I stopped by to read it on my way out the door. :)
Stop by my blog and see my happy news today!

Susan as herself said...


And Penny makes a fabulous bowl model.