Sunday, May 25, 2008

back in the saddle again

(two different elephant teapots by Gary Rith, then as a set, then the original sketch of the idea, from 2 weeks ago--they turned out awesome, and the the teasets actually have slightly different glazes on them--baby blue on the larger, blue jeans on the smaller)
OK, so Kate and Jim said it, I catch a lot of colds. About one a month. They are probably just hayfever and allergy moments or something, I don't know, but, you know, the runny nose and stuffed head. The upside is that (knock on wood) I never have big colds. Just these one day things about once a month, healthy as a horse all the other time, never any flu or bronchitis and rarely a cold lasting more than a day. I am a healthy guy and I take my vitamins. Just have a stuffed nose and head sometimes. It was a good excuse to lie around in bed with my magazines, cats and dogs, and then tune in netflix and watch a dozen more 'The Office' episodes. I am now deep into season 3, and it is perhaps a bit soap operaish, what with the 'he loves her but she's with him and...'. It is still just about the funniest show I've ever seen, and the lack of music or laugh track is a big plus to me.
So, didn't go to the glass museum yesterday, darnitall, sorry. Didn't go anywhere.
Today, however, I shall finish my weekend chores, fire up the kiln and Kcinnova's first plates and Lindapendent's sugar and creamer set and check my notes about what I am making next. (plates are an odd shape for the kiln, Kcinnova, so I am only making 3 at a time)I have 3 or four other neglected orders. Such as, my mom needs something cow-ish. I will cut the grass too, if the head/nose allows. It is due to be hot and sunny and you know that's welcome. And miracle of miracle, tomorrow my wife has a holiday.
Dreamt about a fellow who was involved in our arts coop who left rather crazily and insultingly and broke things (people have considered a restraining order) so in the dream he came to the coop when I was there, he had made a dupe key and was stealing stuff.....terrible dream, because he was my friend.


Kate & Jim said...

It's awfully quiet in here - :)

gr said...

yeah, no kidding!

kcinnova said...

Three at a time...that's like stages of labor! I can hardly wait to hold my new plates! But like a baby, I guess I'll have to wait until they are ready to be born. *sigh*

Reb said...

Gary, try quercetin (I'm not sure of the spelling) for your allergies, it is an herbal supplement, you should be able to find at any health food store.

I hope it remains a dream.