Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was here at the laptop scribbling down a petite list of tunes to enjoy and realized, REALIZED they are all bands fronted by women. So, special today! Gary's list of videos with rocking chicks! ('chicks' isn't an insulting term, is it? what would Deborah Harry say, or would she simply kick my a$$?)
Elastica 'Stutter'

next, Octavia Sperati--a whole bunch of women in this band

My Bloody Valentine

Curve! Tony Halliday!

Epica, especially LOUD

Evanescence, and heck, they're American

Camera Obscura from Glasgow, TWO women, and they are not a neo-goth or noisy band (like the others up there), just sweet pop sounds.

and finally, Kittie's first hit, when I think they were still in high school. Two sisters, one singind and the other drums, plus one or two more other women on a rotating basis. This is the LOUDEST of all of these, very heavy heavy metal: Kittie, 'Brackish' from the album 'Spit'

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Anonymous said...

As a former Seattlite, I must say that "Heart" rocks!