Wednesday, May 14, 2008

making groovy pots

(pots by Gary Rith)
When I was in college, Stanley, my ceramics prof, talked about pots and whether they were precious blah blah blah. But I like precious pottery, not big and muscular pottery. He made cute little pots and animals himself, so his work was precious too.
So, this teapot had a hollow hoop made seperately and I cut part for the spout and the rest became the handle. This is a tremendously fun idea, and I am going to do it more often. The lower pic shows two neo-classical sugar bowls. Sure, precious.
In other news, I am planning on doing a glaze commando raid, ninja style. I'll report back if I successfully snatched a glaze sample.


kcinnova said...

Good Morning, Gary!
You're going commando to raid glazes? [ahem]
Get yourself over to Jenn at juggling life---she has posted a picture of her beagle this morning, for her one-day-late WWC!

gr said...

um, no, I am not going commando, just doing a commando raid. on glazes. with my undies ON.

kcinnova said...

to quote yourself, "AROOOoooooo"

Knight said...

I really like the look of the teapot. It's unusual and eye catching.

Reb said...

I Really like the colour on the tea pot and your elephants are so cute!

Susan as herself said...

The way that teapot is made makes it look very neat and organic---like it was born in and of itself through genetic splitting.

Love those very rounded, precise shapes!

Ellen said...

Glaze? That made me perk up. You gonna share, Gary? I think your teapot with the spout/handle tube is brilliant.