Saturday, May 10, 2008

mamasita and papasan

And their energetic little dog Abby are visiting today. They live in the rural hills an hour away, but my father has some party in Ithaca with a bunch of his college buddies. I was just going to be the dog sitter, but I told my mom she didn't want to hang out with those guys, swapping stories of the good old days, when fraternities could haze with impunity and a C was a decent enough grade.
So my mom can hang around and I can bake some chocolate cookies for her for mother's day and the four dogs can roll around and get underfoot.


Kate & Jim said...

Hello - Mamasita! Have a grand day with Gary and the the pooches.

ML said...

I am so happpy to see what good taste your parents have when it comes to dogs. Those springers just simply cannot be beat. There are 3 in my checkered past who will always remain in my heart -- Toger, George and Pete. ANd how right you are, and I know she'd agree, much nicer to be there with her boy and the pooches than with that bunch of 'rememberees!'

ML said...

Oops! The first dog was ROGER, not Toger!