Thursday, May 29, 2008

Supersize (not me) Me

Supersize Me, vegan horror movie? Me and the missus watched this last night, and it IS horrifying when a healthy and fit guy nearly kills himself on camera by eating nothing but McJunkk for a month.
Interesting when he visits a school for troubled highs schoolers which serves only fruit and veggies and home cooked food and the kids are all a lot more mellow than you would expect: maybe less sugar, fat and salt is good for mind and body?


Lis Garrett said...

Well made yet disgusting movie. I definitely believe that diet plays a role in behavior. I see the evidence in Jacob, who seems to be the one of my kids who is most affected. Funny how the pediatric psychologist who saw him poo-pooed that idea, but many parents will attest to my observations.

Gordo said...

I would consider that a truism, Gary & Lis. It's so obviously true as not to be worth debate. Of course diet affects behaviour. I can't believe how far medical "science" has moved away from what we've known for centuries.

gary said...

lunch time!

Anonymous said...

I thought the movie was very well done. I haven't eaten at McD's except for a handful of times since I first saw it in 2004. Last time I was there, I ordered a small size fries and couldn't finish them! (Of course, this was after the Bloomber ban on trans fats. Maybe my taste buds just couldn't adjust to the new no-trans-fat oil they'd been fried in.)


~ Sil in Corea said...

McD's, Burger King and KFC are off my list of places to eat. The traditional food here in Korea is just too darn good. On most Sundays, I go to a North African place for a change of pace. Real ethnic foods are a whole lot healthier and more fun, too!

Hugs from Asia,
~ Sil

kcinnova said...

disclaimer: I am about to climb on a soap have been warned!

Having never been a fan of McD's, I have had no reason to see this movie. My 2 oldest have seen it in school as a part of health curriculum. I make sure I point out to them that there was an agenda in making the film, that no one eats like that "in real life" and that the goal was to absolutely disgust the audience. I'm pretty sure the vomit scene did the trick if nothing else. So I have mixed feelings about the choice to make it part of a public school health curriculum.

All that said, I do try to avoid taking my kids to "fast food" joints. They are expensive and the food is far from healthy. When we travel by car, we bring a cooler with sandwich fixin's (or else premake the sammies), along with bottled water, apples, cookies, trail mix, etc.

I recall neighbors (a couple with a daughter under the age of 2, therefore didn't need a 3rd plane ticket) trying to decide if they could afford to fly to visit the grandparents. They weren't sure they could afford the expense, yet they ate out at fast food places at least 3 times per week, and sometimes more! In the meantime, we purchased 5 plane tickets (I was pregnant with baby#4) for a Thanksgiving visit to one side of the country and another set of tickets for Christmas on the other side of the country! (Add in rental car expenses, too!) We could do this because we ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch at home, and I packed my husband's lunch everyday with leftovers from last night's homemade dinner.

Just like gambling, junk food is a tax on people who are bad at math.

The end.

Susan as herself said...

I have not seen this film, and I am sure I'd find it disturbing.

Also, I find the "beef" used at McDonalds to be of some alien compound. The brown circular mass on the bun that they serve does not qualify as meat in my opinion.

gr said...

there is no question that he ate too much of one thing, which is as unrealistic as eating jellybeans or only potato chips the rest of your life...but it was to do something extreme, to make an extreme point
I say: people should do exactly what they want, and for me, that means go veg! but that is ME

Reb said...

I have never seen the movie and don't imagine I ever will. I have eaten the product that McD's serves and frankly I would rather spend that money on real food and get many more meals out of it.

Fortune Cookies said...

LOVED super size me! if you liked Morgan Spurlock, check out his series, it ran on FX,you can rent the seasons on netflix, it's called 30 days.