Sunday, May 18, 2008

the H-bomb and me

I wasn't a very diligent student after my freshman year in high school, OK, terrible, but I went to the college I wanted to go to and had a nice scholarship. I additionally spent one summer at Harvard's graduate school of architecture (you didn't know I studied architecture too, did you?) which was of course, a blast. Everybody should have a chance to pretend they belong there, it is quite a place.
My friend Aara went to Harvard and she has mentioned 'The H-bomb'. You're at a party, somebody happens to ask where you went to college, you say in a confident voice "Harvard" and the room gets quiet and everybody looks at you, measuring you up, thinking of you in a different way.
Well, my niece, and I only have one, just got into Harvard. She says she is thinking about it. I think what you say is "YES! Where do I sign?".


CM said...

Yay niece! I had that happen to me once and I have to say, it's a great feeling.

gr said...

In Canada, CM, do you call it the McGill Bomb, or M-bomb?
CM, it should be noted, is unbelieveably smart and a McGill alum.

Anonymous said...

I say "Congratulations!". I do hope she chooses to attend the H-bomb. I don't know if she's serious about a career in the theatre or film, but a number of prominent showbizz people are alumni. Just one more reason to choose the H-bomb.


denis said...

i see smarts runs in the family.

nothing looks better than the big H on a CV. she should go there! i used to live in harvard square and it's a great place with many bookstores, ethnic restaurants etc.

gr said...

you said it, the big H!

ML said...

Holy manole, that kid must be loaded with smarts. Don't let her even consider NOT signing on that dotted line and loving every durn minute of it as well.