Wednesday, May 28, 2008

plates: like I was saying

(plate after and before by Gary Rith)
So, like I said below, in making Kcinnova's plates, I wasn't sure how much to begin with. As you see, there is quite a bit of shrinkage along the way. Looks good though, eh?


Anonymous said...

It's an amazing process.
Gary, I just realized... at that angle, the plate looks like you designed it to be the rolling foothills of the Cascade Range, with the sunset shining on the top of Mt. Rainier!
Makes me homesick, in a good way.

BTW, we dug up a bunch of clay when putting in a new lamp post on Monday. Want some?

Gordo said...

Gary, does the shrinkage happen during drying or firing?

gr said...

drying, and the first firing and the last firing!
It is funny--I was just finishing a lid for a honey pot (pics later!) and earlier the lid was too big to fit, but it dried somewhat, and suddenly was a perfect fit--
Mountains and a deep red sunset!

CM said...

Shrinkage: gets you every time.

ML said...

Never, ever would have thought to allow for shrinkage!

soubriquet said...

I love the rich redness of that glaze....... as a lapsed potter, i see that and get homesick for the feel of clay under my fingers, for the zen moment to kick in where the outside world disappears and..........
what happened?
what time is it?
Someone would come in, hopefully bringing me a cup of coffee, and I'd pop back into this world and gaze bemusedly at board after board of fresh-made plates and have no idea where they came from.
And the best pots were always the unconscious ones...
A pro miusician friend relates the same feeling... "Stop thinking about it, and it will come".