Monday, May 26, 2008

Kate checks in:

Potsblog friend Kate writes:
"Since we are in the process of re-doing our back room/den/office/multi-use area, etc. I have been reduced to sitting on the floor! It will be a week or two till this room is fit again. New carpet to be installed, painting, new molding to be put around, etc, etc.

If I don't put my back out getting down and getting up, all will be well! ha!

Love your Iris's!



gr said...

hey, that's my blog!
nice toes, Kate

Kate & Jim said...

Why thanks, Gary. They usually get me where I want to go! All five of them kind of work in sync. ;)

Greg said...

WOW... PICS! They ARE real people and not just a figment of our imaginations! ;)

so kate... how did the kitchen floor go?

gr said...

wonder if she paints her toenails bright pink or something?

Greg said...

well we know she doesn't paint the undersides of 'em!

Any bets on the colour folks???

Kate & Jim said...

I don't paint my toes. But I have seen photo's of CM's pink polish in her sandals.

Greg - the kitchen floor and I are in disagreement right now! Maybe we'll have a better relationship next month, if it co-operates. :)

ML said...

Now, I am Totally confused! One minute I'm expecting Celeste and Maurice to show up at Gary's house, and the next, who's sitting there on the floor looking like she owns the place? Kate! Good grief! will you guys please quit playing musical houses and confusing me? Or better, C'mon over to Kokomo and do it in person. I do confuse real easy!