Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lindapendent say: "Oh total yay!"

(teapot with cat by Gary Rith)
My hilarious Canadian pal Lindapendent received her teaset and writes:
"Hello Gary,

I received the teapot and teacups yesterday and everything arrived safe and sound and it turns out my cats like packing peanuts. Thanks for a three year supply ! By the way - good job wrapping all this stuff - I was struggling like mad because I just couldn't wait to see it all in person. I'm an excitable girl. Also, I have this thing about reading newspapers that are bunched up in packages I receive from around the world so I was all, 'Huzzah !' and then I noticed that one of the pages had an ad for Old Time Pottery who are having a Red Tag Clearance starting April 2nd and they're saying I can save up to 50% so I should hurry on in. You might want to leave out promoting the competition in the future unless of course you're selling your pieces there.

I just love everything so much and the cat looks even more quirky in person and I used the set today when I had tea and guess what ? It works!

Thank you again for making this unique set for me - it's entirely fantastic.


Glad to hear that And that it survived the Canadian Postal system...


Susan as herself said...

My favorite part of that pot is the little paw print on the side. :)

Gordo said...

Ha! I didn't even see that. LOL