Thursday, May 29, 2008

Celeste and Maurice strike again

I swear, SWEAR I am not making this up. Celeste and Maurice are visiting, but not staying at our house (thank GOODNESS!). Although they are fun, they are the kind of visitors that make life...interesting. Spicy. Can you believe that both, BOTH the sheriffs and the NY state troopers were called in this afternoon? Celeste told them it was the microwave popcorn. On high. For a little too long.
Anyway, the waters were calmed, the troopers and sheriff left, and there was a rather extended visit later to The Nines, former firehouse and current pub, for dinner and such.


Anonymous said...

Burnt popcorn? Either that sets off the smoke alarm or it just smells icky. Oh, said it was on high.

gr said...

Celeste tends to live on the wild side. WILD side.

Anonymous said...

Me & my fam? We'd be really B O R I N G visitors.
Like the low to her high.
Or maybe the mellow to her WILD.

How'd she get across the border? ;)

celeste said...

Maurice charmed the female border guard. I worked my magic on the local coppers.

gr said...

Maurice has this unmistakable roguish charm. Celeste has quite a bit of it too.
Here I am saying good morning to my guests on my dang blog! Morning Celeste and Maurice. Hope the authorities had a quiet night?

ML said...

I'm surprised there isn't a large billboard posted at all the roads into and out of town warning everyone to watch out ror the pictured villains! One simply canNOT have the desired quiet, sedate peace of such a place so wickedly disturbed by the likes of such folk!