Thursday, March 08, 2007

ferrets ferrets ferrets ferrets ferrets

I am not neccessarily a ferret lover. They can be cute and fun, but I figure if we had one the dogs and cats would eat it.
Anyway, so I was at a store yesterday trying to do an inventory of my stuff and there was a fellow having a look at my work and naturally, smelling a sale, I introduced myself. He and his girlfriend, it turns out, are collectors of mine, so I whipped out the card and invited them over (and these nice people might be reading this so I should behave). Turns out they are ferret lovers, and asked about my work and ferrets. It is a little known fact that I have made numbers of ferret things, for a ferret shelter in NH. I need to dust off my ferret skills, because ferret owners far and wide likely need my work.

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Abigail S said...

The "tea, tea, tea..." post titles were ok... But "ferrets, ferrets, ferrets"... I got all tongue-tied trying to read it fast! Even reading it just in my head I got head-tied.