Sunday, March 25, 2007

thinking about vases

(vases by Gary Rith)


Ferípula said...

Hola Gary!

Hello Gary!
Here, visiting your page once again.
My next post will be about the potter.
Tomorrow , may be.
The actual post is about our not commont things .
You may translate my page using the Babel Fish, at the sidebar.

A nice sunday!

gr said...

thanks so much for the visit! yes, I shall go over and have a look...

Lucia said...

Very nice! I'm liking these a whole lot.

You really are the most regular, count-on-able blogger I know.

denis said...

can you say: reliable, copious, dedicated, humourous, smart, AWESOME!

btw, the vases are great too!

gr said...

My life is not very interesting, but I make a lot of stuff, and picture it. So many of you readers are so super nice too.

celeste said...

Don't let him fool you, folks, he's only in it for the money.