Thursday, March 29, 2007

TV interview

(teapot by Gary Rith)
OK, so WSKG has an online and on-TV exhibit and auction, and as part of an artist group I belong to, 6 of us are going on TV tonight and I don't know why. I am guessing somebody will tell me later what is going on. The link to my item is here, and its writing stinks. Why did I fill out all that paperwork and they ignored it? I suppose I am taking this hit along with the rest of the team, for the sake of the group and grander things.
Alright, I am showered and shaved, and depart later today. I think I will change again into KHAKIS, not chinos, the same pair I had yesterday, they look fairly clean, and I was thinking about a very bright and loud shirt. Something tres colorful. I refuse to look at the advice sent to me below, as I want to be ME.


cm said...

Go, Gary!

Lucia said...

Who did they give the info to for the text? A troll living under a bridge. It IS awful! (But the pot is wonderful, so as long as a pic goes with it...)

gr said...

Yes Lucia, I filled out a whole form, dammit all!!!!
My wife laughed when I said I was thinking of wearing my new dragon print shirt. So maybe I will. Or the blue one with tiki guys on it.

Gordo The Geek said...

LOL .. "Adorable" & "Charming"! Oh, that's awesome!

You can never go wrong with tiki. The best artists have all been nutbars, anyway. :-D

Don't forget to wave to your Mom and say HI!

gr said...

adorable! c'est moi

greg said...

wear your flannel man! be YOU, be comfy. if you're not comfy you'll pull at clothing, wiggle at the wrong moment, jiggle etc.

butr getting rid of the chinos is a good idea! (whatever they are they sound uncomfy!)

hmm gordo.. Adorable and charming.. is thet pottery our Mr Potterblog?