Friday, March 16, 2007

seamless necks

(pigs and bunnies by Gary Rith)
A couple of weeks ago I redesigned my little bunnies. New approach. Yesterday I was making little piggies, and said 'hey, what if I change the approach here, and...' so an old style little piggy and new, seamless neck style piggy.


Greg said...

I like 'em both 'cause each method adds a distinct characteristic to each aminal's character. well done!'s that for non-commital! =)

gr said...

thanks--you're right, each has its own character

Mother of Invention said...

Guess the heads would never fall off as much as the separate-headed ones!??

Man, you have entirely too much fun at your "work"! I understand why you left teaching for this!

gr said...

i think there are times a neck does have a line, depending on the angle, but seamless looks more natural--wonder why it took me all the years to think of it?