Friday, March 30, 2007

WSKG, and Mr Potsblog on the red carpet

(teapot by Gary Rith, and himself at WSKG TV 12 in Binghamton, NY)
OK, it goes like this. Dress, up and meet the Spirit and Kitsch Art Group at the store. We are an arts coop, so we run the store and exhibits together, and six of us donated art to the local public TV fundraising auction, and they invited us down for an on-air interview during the auctioning of our pieces. The mood going down was a bit subdued, as terror struck at our artistic souls, but the staff in this place was soooooo nice and engaging, the host and auctioneer so pleasant. And they knew us very well, because our work had been there for a month before the auction. BUT, is anyone surprised to find that your host, Mr Potsblog, was already known to the interviewer and production staff? Their googlebot had alerted them to my posts about the station, so YES, they had been here, and knew me well. So, a group intro at 7:51, followed by individual interview of each of us followed by the auctioning of our item. My teapot started at 25 and sold for 70 or 75, in a quick and active bidding war, and everybody in the studio clapped when it sold. A half hour total, and my wife says I was very Smooooth, suave, and MAGNETIC. And cute. My parents say they are glad I wore a jacket and tie. And they love me.
Somebody taped this, I think, so when I have a disk I will try to do something with it.
So, been here less than a year, been on TV, and surprised to find the whole thing was EASY. A camera is not an audience of 3000.
They want us back next year. And maybe then I won't be so scared and I will actually eat some of the banquet.


cm said...

Banquet? Menu, please.

And Yay, Gary!

gr said...

Thanks cm, yeah, the banquet table was a SHOCK, if I had known, I wouldn't have eaten all day then pigged out. Then because of nerves, barfed it all up. But there was brie. And a lotta other stuff. I had nooooo appetite.

Gordo The Geek said...

Excellent! Good for you, Potter-man!

greg said...

way to go!! not the barfing part.. but the rest! See the public loves you.

ahh memories... the roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowds...sigh =)

Mother of Invention said...

WOW! That's definitely a highlight of the week! We all knew you'd be great...what a feather in your...ah...Big hair??!!
Can't wait to see the vid!

What a waste of the banquet twice as much next year and furtively pack a doggie bag!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Congrats! I really want to hear what you sound like...I can picture what someone called 'impish' of you...but I'd rather see/listento a video clip and confirm my suspicions!

Maggie said...

I just think this rocks the house. Mr. Suave Potter and your pottery sold with a cheer!

gr said...

well, maybe Gordo can tell me what to do what a video clip, if I get a disk. What do I sound like? People call the house and think they are talking to my mother, but believe me, I am a very large and strapping, macho type guy.
Forgot to mention: MAKEUP! yes, they put makeup on me.
MOI, boy you're right, I had pockets and I should have used them.

Lucia said...

Love the name of the art group. Spirit and Kitsch. Love the website too!

gr said...

we're a pretty wild group, in some ways, actually

Anonymous said...

You look like a trustworthy weatherman in that tie..


btw.. my site is back up /:)